Why do we need help?

Because we won’t be able to continue working without it.

Dear friends, Chrysalis Mag has been talking about contemporary Belarusian art every single day for two years, helping to make the works of artists visible in the media, collecting valuable and internationally recognised art archives and organising them, preparing and launching social projects. We value our independence and do our best to continue to support Belarusian art and talk about it. It has declared itself to the whole world with renewed strength.

 We had never asked for help, but the time has come. Fees for our regular authors, technical support of the website, creation and support of our social projects — all this requires money. The Chrysalis Mag team employs 15 people, and they all work for free.


This work takes a lot of time and effort. If you like what we do, please support our project. We invite you to participate in the preservation and development of contemporary art in Belarus together. In order to do so, you can support us with any amount of money →


Chrysalis Mag is not just a magazine. During the existence of the project, we:

  •  Held an online exhibition 'Lockdown', that aimed at helping artists to minimise cultural and financial damage from the crisis during the Covid-19 pandemic;
  • Implemented the 'Zerno' project — an exhibition about the growth of the collective Belarusian self-awareness;
  • Released with the support of a cult. Center 'Corpus' and the Goethe-Institut project 'SYNCHRONIZATION' — a series of lectures on contemporary art for older people;
  • Together with the 'Art-Belarus' gallery, we launched a multimedia project timed to coincide with the opening of the UNOVIS exhibition 'Direction of motion';
  • Were selected from more than 270 projects to be in the finals of the Social Weekend — Belarusian social projects competition;
  • We are also the only ones in Belarus who maintain an archive of protest art, timed to coincide with the events that have taken place since August 2020. By the way, The Ivy Plus Libraries Confederation has included our content on its web registry;
  • Co-sponsored the first American exhibition of Rufina Bazlova at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA);
  • We post daily on Instagram and have more than 21,000 followers. It has also been two years since our website had been periodically updated with new materials in which we talk about artists and events of Belarusian art;
  • We became subjects of two personal Belarusian art reports at the conference of the Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies — ASEEES 2021;
  • Our material ‘Political prisoners of the 1930s. History of Repressed Belarusian Artists’ took third place in the ‘Debut’ nomination at the ‘Free Word’ competition of the Belarusian Association of Journalists.

 And there’s more. At least we’d really like it that way.


Regards, Chrysalis Mag team 









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