Our first merch drop!

Now there are several ways you can support us: make a PayPal donation, order a commercial article, or buy Chrysalis Mag* branded merchandise.

We'll use all the proceeds (minus taxes and production costs) to develop our magazine. By buying something, you keep us going. It helps us create new materials, support more social projects, promote Belarusian art and culture and make them visible to the global community. We've been working towards it for two years, so this launch of the branded products is a major step for us. We are very excited and hope for your support. Can't wait to see you in our merch!

Lots of love, Chrysalis Mag editorial team




* We do not manufacture or sell items. This is done by our USA-based partner artist. Look for the terms of delivery, exchange and return on the partner's website. But if something went wrong, we will certainly try to help. 










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