All-Female Illustrators Create Posters To Say Thank You To Healthcare Workers

Art Project  |  ILLUSTRATION  |  17.05.2020

Tillanelli Studio, an international collective of female illustrators, has created a series of posters to say Thank You to health workers, volunteers, ambulance drivers and all other individuals fighting COVID-19 pandemic.


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“With this project we are honoring the frontline workers who risk their lives while we safely stay at home. Even after the pandemic is long over, these posters will remind us what these fearless people have done for us by risking their lives,” says Katerina Trofimova, Tillanelli creative director and co-founder.

Contributing illustrators come from Russia, Italy, Lithuania, Belarus, Philippines, South Korea and Argentina, all of them working with Tillanelli.

“Illustration is an international language and we use it to say thank you as loud as we can,” says Irina Kruglova, Tillanelli art director and co-founder.

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Tillanelli is an illustration studio founded in March, 2020 by creative professionals Katerina Trofimova (Saint Petersburg) and Irina Kruglova (Moscow). The studio was named after Italian female artist from the 16th century Plautilla Nelli. “Plautilla Nelli was extremely talented, she created paintings alongside the renowned Renaissance artists, but unfortunately most art historians either don’t care about her, or mention her vaguely,” says Katerina Trofimova.

“We focus on female talent because it’s a great way to connect and support each other, and we think it’s very important our days,” says Irina Kruglova.

Tillanelli represents female illustrators and artists from all over the world. Among them are Cecilia Castelli (Italy), Shinyoung Kim (South Korea), Liza Rusalskaya (Belarus), Sainte Maria (Russia), Sofia Noceti (Argentina) and many others.

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Thank You Project
Each poster is available for download from the Tillanelli website in PDF, including large formats like A3. The posters can be shared on social media or put up on walls of the buildings, in the windows or wherever the modern heroes might see them.

Tillanelli Studio
Thank You Project


Cover Illustration: Patricia Doria

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