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Belarusian Contemporary Art Online Magazine

Belarusian Contemporary Art Online Magazine

Our mission is to develop a creative economy. Our goal is to make Belarus an art country.

About Us

Chrysalis Mag is a project aimed at positive changes and development in the field of culture and art in Belarus. Our goal is to popularise Belarusian art by publishing unique material about artists and their works, searching for young artists and talents, helping businesses to find first-class contractors, as well as forming a contemporary art community. We want the prestige of Belarusian art to increase in the eyes of society, as well as to have an independent and easily accessible platform for artists, providing an opportunity to express themselves.

What we do

We focus on the international trends of contemporary art, create and collect knowledge about the original Belarusian works and their authors. The main criteria for publication by our editors is the originality of the work and a high level of professionalism.


We are looking for new names for their promotion and for formation of a united contemporary Belarusian art community and helping businesses to find first-class contractors


We publish unique materials and interviews with artists


We inform readers about events, exhibitions, lectures and other events that take place in the art space of Belarus


We introduce readers to the classics of Belarusian history of fine arts — the foundation that also forms the modern look of our art community


We carry out online activities & online exhibitions ('Lockdown'), offline exhibitions ('Zerno')


We translate materials for the English version of our website in order to facilitate the entry of Belarusian art into the international scene

How does Chrysalis Mag work

The magazine operates on two platforms: the site and the Instagram page. Both platforms are regularly updated with exclusive materials: 20 interviews with artists have been conducted, unique educational materials about artists of the Belarusian art history have been written and put together. Our editors are constantly searching for new, unique, previously unpublished artists.



Unique interviews with Belarusian artists + Portfolio database and CV + Educational materials on art history of Belarusian artists of the past



Author's selections of foreign artists’ works with their brief descriptions and CV



Encyclopedia of Belarusian artists

Encyclopedia of Belarusian artists

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Events (Instagram)

Reviews of presentations and exhibitions accompanied by official press releases

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Online & Offline Exhibitions

A series of expositions of works by Belarusian artists curated by Chrysalis Mag

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Photo reports (Instagram)

Photo reviews of presentations and exhibitions

Our advantages


Professional expertise of our team


Unique content


Support of media and galleries, respect among young artists


Accessible and flexible format (online)

Social significance

Contemporary art is completely absent in the concept of development of Belarus, but we believe that a healthy society cannot exist without it. Just like the economy, it cannot be successful without the creative part, while the situation in Belarus is critical and continues to degrade. We see a way to develop an intelligent economy and creative professions in the revival of Belarusian contemporary artists. Several problems that our project solves can be highlighted:


Public interest in art is lost


The state is not interested in art


There is lack of focus in creative economy

What does 'Chrysalis' mean

* Chrysalis (Latin chrysallis, from Greek χρυσός — gold) — a life stage of a butterfly before it appears as such. In our opinion, contemporary Belarusian art can be characterised by this stage of awakening, spreading wings and integration into the international art community.

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