Ulyana Nevzorova 


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 Ulyana Nevzorova is a Belarusian artist who works in different directions: graphics, illustration, linocut, painting, design & ceramics. She lives and works in Minsk.


Selected Exhibitions:

 2019 – Exhibition within "Ў" Gallery of Contemporary Art “Art in Action” project. The exhibition was also brought to other cultural spaces in Belarus, such as "Dom 46" in Grodno and "Polotsk State University" in Novopolotsk, as well as to the town of Molodechno and the city of Gomel.

 2019 – Personal exhibitions in the "Karma" bar & "Post bar" (Minsk, Belarus)

 2019 – Exhibition at the "Korpus" Cultural Center (Minsk, Belarus)

 2019 – The Night of Museums Festival in the Art Palace (Minsk, Belarus)

2019 – The Art-Minsk festival in the Art Palace (Minsk, Belarus)

2018 – German project “Face Art – Face Future”, which resulted in the exhibition of video art at the “TSEH” art center (Minsk, Belarus)

2018 – Exhibition of sketchbooks at the National Center of Modern Art (Minsk, Belarus)

2018 – Karma Review in the "Lo-Fi Customs" space (Minsk, Belarus)

June 2019 – graduated from the European College of Liberal Arts (Minsk, Belarus)

Also, she took part in mediation workshops at the “ZBOR in Progress” exhibition, and art workshop at the "Ў" Gallery of Contemporary Art (Minsk, Belarus)

2018 – graduated from the Belarusian College of Arts named after Ivan Akhremchik (Minsk, Belarus)

2018 – Conducted workshops on linocut at the European College of Liberal Arts (Minsk, Belarus)


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