Syarhei Kukhto and Centaurs


The image of the Centaur, as we know, comes from ancient Greek mythology. There he is reflected as a wild, unrestrained creature, with the internal struggle of their human and animal beginnings.

For Sergei Kukhto (1959-1999), an artist from Vitebsk, this personage looked completely different. First of all, it was a man, a personality, in its various manifestations - lonely, estranged, and, from the other side - caring, responsible. The eternal wanderer, whatever he is alone, or with his beloved companion. The "realism" of these images was reinforced by some warmth emanated from these characters, humanity. Seems like you had encountered them somewhere in your life. Kukhto, by his own admission, worked on these characters, as if portraying himself.

Nowadays, there are not too many paintings of Sergei Kukhto have been preserved. Some of them were transferred to private collections, some works appeared for the public for the first time only after the death of the artist. We give you some of them.

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