Shyama Golden 

Shyama (rhymes with llama and the Y is silent) born in Texas. She lived in New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Austin, Houston, Lubbock, San Francisco and now Brooklyn, NY. Her parents are (retired) scientists who raised Shyama to ask lots of questions.

Her background is in oil painting and her formal training was graphic design, but after a decade of working in the graphic and interactive design fields Shyama has shifted more into the art side of things with a focus on figurative paintings, patterns, and animation.

Primarily Shyama works as an independent illustrator/artist. Oils are her favorite medium, but recently she has found a method of working digitally on the iPad Pro which gives her the same look plus the advantage of being able to create seamless patterns and looping animations.

Her influences are always changing but the ones that seem to stick with her are her parents who are retired scientists, 70’s architecture books, strange books from the public library, endless research on the internet, too many artists to list here (some of the classics: Kahlo, Klimpt, Hockney, O’Keefe), neighborhood bodega cats, her current home of Brooklyn, NY, and the cities/countries she has lived in previously: Austin, Houston, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, San Francisco, and many towns in Texas where she grew up. 

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