Paolo Puck

Paolo is a British-born artist currently residing in the United States. Originally trained as an illustrator, he began teaching himself sculpture and woodcarving in 2011. His journey in sculpture began whilst whittling a mermaid under a tree in the Pyrenees mountains. The process of turning a twig into a mermaid struck him as a magical one, and he has been hooked on sculpture ever since.

His first project was a series of wooden boxes in the shape of heads, which allowed him to practice sculpture while traveling. Directly influenced by his nomadic lifestyle, the boxes are small, lightweight, and hollow. After settling in the United States five years ago, Paolo was able to start making larger sculptures and began experimenting with felt.

Best known for his bizarre, whimsical, and dreamlike creations made from foam and needle-felted wool, Paolo’s sculptures give viewers a glimpse of a world inspired by myths and fairytales, Jungian theory, and Gnosticism. Often influenced by outsider, tribal, and folk art, Paolo strives for a clean and pleasing resolution of form in each sculpture. By combining grotesque imagery with the softness felt, he uses his sculptures as a comment on the dichotomy of beauty and ugliness.

Most recently Paolo has exhibited his work in the Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York and the Samek Art Museum in Pennsylvania.

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