Nadia Khodasevich Leger


This person can be called an artist not only by her work — the very life of Nadia Leger can be called truly artistic. It is incredible, how a girl from a large family of a vodka’s merchant in a state-owned shop, without basic education, at the age of 15 began to study at Vladislav Straminsky’s studio in Smolensk, and then at Kazimir Malevich in Vitebsk.

During this period, she got acquainted with the work of Fernand Leger, and set herself the goal to come to Paris at all costs. At the age of 17, practically without any money, Nadia first arrived in Warsaw, where she entered the Academy of Arts in Warsaw without exams. Later, she still went to Paris, where she met Leger, after a while she became his assistant, and after 20 years — his wife.

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After the death of her husband, she began work actively on the creation of the Leger Museum — the world's largest collection of works by the artist who created over half a century, in order to subsequently transfer it to the state.

A talented organizer, Leger was able to attract attention to herself, to promote something with an unprecedented scale — the exhibitions, arranged by her were very successful.

But, despite the adventurous nature of her nature, her repeated travels, in poverty and luxury, Nadia never forgot who she was and where she came from. Thanks to her connections, the ability to acquire them, and never lose it, during the period of Iron Curtain Khodasevich came to his native place in 1959. But, not only in this was her indifference to her country manifested. In the capital of the USSR, Nadia Leger came with the famous Gioconda, and the originals of the Picasso’s works.

In addition to her incredible energy, diligence, and purposefulness, Nadia Khodasevich-Leger was also a wonderful artist, graphic artist, mosaic artist. We present some of her works to your attention.








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