Matthew Grabelsky

A native New Yorker, Matthew graduated from Rice University in 2002 with a BA in Art and Art History and a BS in Astrophysics. Afterwards, he moved to Florence, Italy, where he spent four years studying the techniques of classical drawing and painting.

Science taught him how to observe the world, and art has allowed him to express his relationship to it. Since 2006, He has focused on creating paintings that combine the physical world that people see every day with imagery from mythology and dreams.

His work is not intended to be viewed as fantasy or as allegory, but rather as a blend of every-day experiences and the subconscious. His paintings are enigmatic, and they create dream-like worlds that invite viewers to form their own interpretations of the imagery presented. He paints in a highly realistic manner, derived from his studies of 19th-century French Academic painters, and he uses this visual language to craft modern narratives. He places his subjects in urban settings: trains, gritty alleyways, and cosmopolitan cityscapes; then introduce a twist to create a mix of rational and irrational elements. His work is often humorous, and it straddles the divide between the serious and the bizarre.



2006 – Certificate in Painting, Angel Academy of Art, (Florence, Italy)
2002 – BA Art and Art History, Cum Laude, Rice University, (Houston, USA)
2002 – BS Astrophysics, Cum Laude, Rice University, (Houston, USA).


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