Liza Rusalskaya


Liza is a Minsk (Belarus) based graphic designer and illustrator.

"I am a self-made freelance illustrator. My specialization is 2D illustration and I'm working on commercial and personal projects. Over the past three years, has created illustrations for applications and animated videos. I can't call what I do as work, because for me it is rather a way of life.

I am constantly inspired by the world around me, and in my works I try to capture the beauty at this particular moment because it is transient. The breath of the wind, the rustling of leaves, sunny shadow. These are all things that surround us every day, and sometimes it is so important to just stop and keep in mind what you see and feel)

In my works, I am guided primarily by simplicity, smooth lines, interesting combination of colors.
Color, in turn, takes the main attention, and sometimes even the content fades into the background, leaving only the emotions".









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