Tsaruk & Ahmadova


Igor Tsaruk and Marina Ahmadova are designers from Belarus. The story of our creative tandem is not typical. They are not married, not a couple in love, not relatives, but we have been working together for more than 5 years. They have similar views on beauty and design in the broad sense, that`s why they complement each other like professionals and think it`s our real advantage. That`s what differs them from other designers.

They are both architects and they were classmates at the university. During the last year of our study, they created their own project Fajnodesign.

In summer 2017 Fajnodesign started production of items they created. And they decided to begin their own creative way because they long to design all around.

Since 2015 they are members of Belarusian union of designers. 

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