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We are a curated Belarusian contemporary art magazine. Our goal is to popularize Belarusian art, making it more accessible to a wider audience (both in Belarus and worldwide). Chrysalis Mag focuses on trendy and outstanding visual art. We want to showcase the Belarusian artistic community to spotlight new and unique art.

Chrysalis Mag is looking for new and amazing Belarusian talent. We are here to support professional artists at all stages of their career and provide a platform to promote their work. It’s not the quantity, but the quality that matters to us. The inalienable demand for our publication is the high level of the author professionality.

Although we position ourselves as a Belarusian contemporary art magazine, we don’t want to separate ourselves from the global art community. Thus, a new section dedicated to world contemporary visual art has been added to our magazine, and we also expect to grow it even further.

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Nadzeya Makeyeva

Art section curator.

Minsk-based multi-disciplinary illustration artist & member of Belarusian Union of designers. She works with such clients as Tatler, Interscope Records, Republic, Volkswagen, A1, Coca-Cola, Skolkovo, БОЛЬШОЙ, Кассиопея, Петля Пристрастия, Goodbye June, Salle Privée, & Lays.

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Vladimir Gorz

Design section curator.

Multi-disciplinary designer / Art-Director from Minsk.



Polina Yurgenson

Chief journalist.

Studies Journalism at the Belarusian State University.



Yury Khlaponin


Psychologist by education. He is engaged in the creation of materials on cultural and social thematics.


Без имени-1

Anastasia Runets


Studies linguistics and also graduated from "TUT.BY Anti-School" journalistic courses.



Paul Dorokhin

Art critic expert.

Minsk-based illustration artist & certified art critic. Project manager at  Belarusian union of designers, Postulate Biennale curator.









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